• Use FindSchool.ca API service
    to locate local schools in your website.

  • Need school information to display on your website? Or your application requires school information from our site? We can help.

    We offer school data (School Information, Boundary Maps). We design and create API interfaces which can automatically attach school data to real estate websites. With attached school information, users can quickly evaluate and compare property values. There are more and more websites are using our APIs.

    One of our most popular APIs is the HTML Control Property School Locator (PSL). The version 3.0 of the control has been released to our partners and real estate agents. For more details about the API please click this link.

    If you are not sure about how the solution works for your site, you can talk to us and we love to see the integrations built on the API of FindSchool.ca and we desire to cooperate as part of third party solutions. It is our pleasure to assist you with the programming/integration ideas on your website, and we work hard to make sure that our APIs are both straightforward and satisfy your requirements.

    How We Do Customized API and Systems Integration?

    Here’s the process that we typically follow:


    First, let us know where you would like to apply our API, and tell us your requirements/goals, we will review your concerns and figure out which API suits your solution the best. To try PSL API is always free on and in many cases, limitations in how the systems can interact and how quickly they can exchange data affect how the web application needs to be designed. To shorten development time, we often make use of our own private library of ready-made code modules that we have used in the past.


    Using the knowledge gained in our research, we then plan how to integrate the two systems in a way that’s reliable and user friendly. Depending on the nature of the project, we could develop diagrams – simple line drawings – that define how the system will appear to users. In addition, we follow API specifications to meet your requirements.


    PSL API integration is easy, Check Development Instruction. You may need a developer to do the integration for you. During this time, our support/engineer will assist your developer based on our specifications. The actual work on your side may take anywhere from an hour to several weeks or months, depending on the size of your project and its level of complexity.


    Testing and "QA" (quality assurance) are essential parts of any systems integration project. When integration is finished on your site, you will have an application with integrations that are intuitive and seamless for end-users.


    Part of the reality of integration work is we’re able to provide ongoing support in case the integration breaks or needs to be updated to accommodate a change.
    PSL API Demo

    To learn more details please send an email to support@findschool.ca with your requirements or leave a message at 416-800-6761.