Residential Address
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School:Hillsdale Public School
525 Oshawa Blvd N.
Oshawa,Ontario L1G 5T6
Phone:(905) 723-1231
Fax:(905) 723-3918
GPS(Latitude,Longitude): 43.9153606152901,-78.8589158999999

Durham District School Board
400 Taunton Road East
Whitby, Ontario, L1R 2K6
Phone: 905-666-5500
Fax: 905-666-5500
School Website,School Grades : JK to 8,    Public,English program
16-17 Fraser Institute Rank : 2280/3064    5Y.Avg : n/a    Rating : 4.9
Income ($) : n/a    ESL(%) : 0.0    Special needs(%) : 37.5
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EQAO Ranking :
The data we use to develop our school rankings are from the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO) web site at data used or reported in this publication were provided by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

The overall rating/score is driven by EQAO which is about academic only. Some important aspects that create a good learning environment are not be included. You may want to know other factors and the best way is by visiting the school and talking to teachers, students and parents.
2016-2017 G3(Grade 3, Rank/Total):423/13415-Year Average percentile score : 45Average
    Good    Average    Poor    NA
2016-2017 G6(Grade 6, Rank/Total):1181/12215-Year Average percentile score : 33Average
    Good    Average    Poor    NA