Residential Address
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School:Mazo de la Roche Public School
860 Arnold Cres.
Newmarket,Ontario L3Y 2E2
Phone:(905) 836-1032
Fax:(905) 836-1960
GPS(Latitude,Longitude): 44.0598825307696,-79.4381490743133

The York Region District School Board
60 Wellington Street West
Aurora, Ontario, L4G 3H2
Phone: 905-883-5241
Fax: 905-883-5241
School Website,    Alias : Mazo de la Roche P.S.
School Grades : 2 to 8,    Public,French Immersion program

School Notes:
Grade 1 FI program to be offered at Prince Charles Public School for September for all registrants. Grades 2-8 FI program offered at Mazo de la Roche Public School.
EQAO Ranking :
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The overall rating/score is driven by EQAO shows how well students have met curriculum expectations. Some important aspects that create a good learning environment are not be included.
2022-2023 G6(Grade 6, Rank/Total):130/12195-Year Average percentile score : 88Good
    Good    Average    Poor    NA
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