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1. What is a valid residential address?

It includes Street number and Street name and type, Municipality, State/Province, Postal code.
By giving a postal code only, Google map may not locate it accurately(Number 8 at below explains); If missing State/Province in the search string, may result in a completely different result or may not able to locate it in the Google map.
A good example of valid residential address: 400 Webb Dr. Mississauga, Ontario, L5B 3Z7.

2. Here's how to change your password:

1.Click [My Account], then [Change Password]
2.In the new window, enter your current password and your new password.
New passwords are required to be a minimum of 6 characters in length.

Make sure you create a unique password to help keep someone from breaking in to your account.
Here are a few tips for creating your password, and keeping it safe:
Your password should be easy for you to remember without being obvious for someone else to guess. Don't choose a dictionary word as your password.Include a variety of characters, such as punctuation marks, numbers, and mix capital and lowercase letters. Never tell anyone your password.Never write down your password. Even if you don't think that somebody would know that it was your password if they saw it, think of a way to remember it so that you don't have to write it down.Periodically change your password. If your password isn't working, you'll need to go through our password recovery process.

3. Forgot password and password recovery process

1.Go to welcome page and click the link of "I can't access my account "
2.In the new window, enter your registered email and verification words.
If you do not remember your registered email, you can give it a try or send email to our support.
3.Once you see the "email has been sent" message, go to your email account and check the password.

Note: An account will be locked after 5 failed login attempts, to unlock your account, send us an email to our support by using your registered email on our site.

4. I want to change my registered email address.

1.Click [My Account], then [Change Email]
2.In the new window, enter your current email and your new email.

Make sure the email had not been registered in our system.
Once you finish the process, we strongly suggest you log off current session and login again.
Your personal information will be transferred from your old address account to new one.
And for sure, you can switch back at any time.

5. How to extend your membership.

Payment method on our website: Credit Card (Or Visa Debit) / PayPal account
1.Click [My Account], then [Renewal]
2.You can choose a membership term and continue. is our payment processing provider. We will redirect you to to finish the payment. Click the yellow button [Pay Now] that PayPal provided.
-If you don't have a PayPal account, click the gray button [Pay with Credit Card Or Visa Debit] at the bottom, then it takes you to its page "Pay with credit or Visa Debit card".
-If you are using a PayPal account to pay with, you can input your login information and it leads you to the PayPal Payment confirmation page.

You can check your membership renewal history. Go to [My Account], then [Renewal]
There is a link to "account renewal history". Click it to see all your transactions.
Note: If you still have problems about renewing your membership, you can send email to our support through your registered email, date of the transaction. We will process the issue as soon as possible.

6. How can I get a FreeCode.

We usually send out FreeCode to our customers randomly. You always have a chance to receive it.

7. Can't use Search by Current GPS on Smart phone or iPad?

Alert Message from your device: “User denied geolocation”.

“User denied geolocation” is a mobile native message coming from mobile OS. It is related to your local settings, Here are some solutions you can try out.

1. Check and make sure the GPS option is enabled and is active through Settings menu.
2. Clear the cache for the browser. This option is different from each browser but they are usually under the settings menu.
3. Depends on the browser, you may also need to make sure your Google location services are enabled.
You may have the other location services turned on. Go to Settings>Location & Security> Check Google Location Services.
4. Shut down / Reboot your device.

8. Why searches by postal codes is NOT suggested on Boundary Map?

Enter a home address to locate its school boundary is always more accurate than using a postal code.
Due to Canada post recently change the postal code usage policy, Google Map Service has been reported more inaccuracies than before while using a postal code inside of using an address.

9. How to Read EQAO School Ranking for a School?

It's designed for a brief look on a school, and it can't reflect on all aspect of a school. The EQAO report card (Ontario) on our site is based on the results for all students category at or above the province standard. It doesn't include no data and 'exempt' categories. Trends for a small school or boards are hard to interpret. Instead of reading the graph, talking to the school is more accurate.

10. What are the factors of the EQAO Ranking?

There are a lot factors about the diversity of the school's community in regards to household economics. People may want to take a look at School's EQAO ranking. Our EQAO Ranking (GTA only) is pure academic rankings(despite all other factors). Parents can see a certain school has or has not improved year to year in EQAO tests. (Some local schools do not have enough students or other reasons to make the list). ranking system is using the simplest data model to evaluate each school by their EQAO test results and that may be unfair to some schools and the community, especially a small school.